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dog need food sensitive diet

Does your dog need food sensitive diet | Huggy pet

Does your dog need food sensitive diet:

Sometime our stomach get upset for some specific food. Why dog need food sensitive diet? It’s can happen for your dog as well. If your dog face digestion problem continuously or have itching problem, it may happen for food allergy or food sensitivity.

Usually food sensitivity related to the most important ingredient, that is protein. Sometime foods contain both animal (Chicken, beef, egg and dairy) and grain (wheat, barley and rye) based protein. Providing simple ingredient food or one/single source of protein can help to overcome this problem of your dogs.


Signs of dog food allergy:

Dog have their immune system. In some cases some kind of protein may react as harmful elements, which immune system can’t resist. It may cause digestive and skin problems. Any of following signs may visible in your dog:

  • Biting or itching their skin.
  • Chronic ear inflammation.
  • Licking paws.
  • Gastrointestinal problem (such as diarrhea).

Normally food sensitivity problem happen before 3 years of age, but there are other medical issues which may have same signs. So if you monitor this problems, better to discuss to a veterinarian to know the exact reason. S/he may recommend single source protein diet, if it’s a food sensitivity issue.


Novel animal protein dog food:

It’s not very easy to separate just one ingredients from food. Novel protein diets contain very limited number of ingredients and few source of protein. Novel protein means bit uncommon source of protein. Suppose if a dog is good with beef or chicken, it may be ok to consume protein from food made with lamb.


Gluten protein and grain free food:

Animal protein is not the only ingredient that can make your dog’s stomach upset and cause skin problems. Gluten found that, grain sourced protein may cause same problem. In this case you’ll have to discuss with a veterinarian, who will recommend a grain free dog food for your dog.

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