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When you Should switch Adult & puppy dog food

When you Should switch Adult & puppy dog food

Dog’s nutrition need and taste changes at different stage of age, just like human. You Should switch switch Adult & puppy dog food.

That means this change can happen every year. It can be challenging to select the right food, especially for some choosy eaters.

Why you should change:

By the course of time your dog enter in new stage of life, their activities and thinking get changed. As a result their need of nutrition, mineral and vitamins get changed.  Then Picking correct foods at different stage of life ensure their good health and normal activities.

  • Puppies grow very fast in their first 6 to 12 months. They need nutrient-dent formula for their normal growth and activities. In this stage they’re very much active and playful, this formula help their proper development and support their restless activities.
  • Adult dogs need a balance nutritious food for their activities and muscles. But need to provide less calories to maintain their good health and correct weight.
  • Senior/older dogs are not that active comparing to adult dogs. Normally they need additional nutrition to support their digestion, better immunity, bones and joints.


Food sensitivity:

Dogs may have food sensitivity in different stage of life and situations. Sometime they can’t tolerate all food and may face allergy problems. Typical signs of food sensitivity are:

  • Itching: Your dogs may have itching problem or rash sometime. It may happen for some particular ingredient of their regular or occasional food. A limited ingredient formula may help to avoid this problem, but this need to have enough protein for your beloved dogs.
  • Gastrointestinal issues: Normally dogs stool should be soft and firm. But if they have diarrhea or constipation, which means the food it’s having is not matching with stomach and digestion system. In this kind of issues, grain free food may help.
  • So it necessary should switch dog food.


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