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Aqueon Tank Breeder Black 36X18X16 40gal
By Aqueon
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mpn: N/A, ean: 0015905100403,

4.9 out of 5 stars with 12 reviews
The All-Glass standard size aquarium is made with care to assure that it can stand up to almost any application. These aquariums come in a wide range of sizes as well as Black and Oak trim styles. Large aquariums feature one-piece center-braced frames that eliminate glass Bowing.High quality glass construction. For freshwater & marine inhabitants. Clean silicone edges. Can stand up to almost any application.

Brightwell Aquatics Shrimp Florin GRO+, Multi-Component Fertilizer & Planted nitrogenous Growth Accelerator for Shrimp & Freshwater Fish Aquaria, 2 Liter
By Brightwell Aquatics
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mpn: SFNGP2L, ean: 0096647000237,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 18 reviews
Shrimp Florin Gro+ is a multi-component fertilizer & planted nitrogenous growth accelerator for shrimp & freshwater fish aquaria.Copper free and shrimp safe.. Concentrated source of nitrogen, one of the most important plant nutrients, required for growth and long-term health, and utilized primarily in the production of nucleic acids and proteins, accounting for up to 2% of plant tissue dry weight.. Nitrogen is present as nitrate, a form appropriate for use in aquaria (we do not use ammonium whic

Spk Aqua 20 Pcs Assassin Snails Clea Helena Freshwater Snail for Fish Tank Decoration
By Spk Aqua
In Stock

ean: 0666714992194,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 27 reviews
High Quality Water Lilies Tubers & Aquarium PlantsClea Helena commonly known as Assassin Snail, is a species of freshwater snail with an operculum, an aquatic gastropod in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks, most of which are marine.. Assassin snails are a carnivorous species, so their diet doesn't include any vegetation, algae or plants.. They will eat other snails such as Pond Snail, Trumpet Snail, Ramshorn Snail are their favorite snacks. Sometime they will also hunt soft snail eggs, bloo

Brightwell Aquatics FlorinBacterONE, Complete Tank Starter bioculture for All Freshwater Shrimp, Fish & Planted Aquaria, 2 Liter
By Brightwell Aquatics
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mpn: SFNBONE2L, ean: 0096647000350,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 31 reviews
FlorinBacterONE is a complete tank starter bio culture for all freshwater shrimp, fish & planted aquaria.Copper free and shrimp safe. Specifically formulated for use in shrimp, planted and all freshwater aquaria.. Suspension of non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic microbes, as well as natural enzymes, specifically formulated to establish biological filtration in new aquarium set-ups, and to enhance the rate of nitrification and denitrification.. Particularly useful in freshwater aquaria with hig

SevenSeaSupply - 2 Large Freshwater Bamboo Shrimp (Live Singapore Flower Shrimp) | Aquarium Filter Shrimp | Safe with Tetra/Guppy/Betta Fish Tank (Order of 2 Shrimp)
By SevenSeaSupply
In Stock

ean: 0682131643174,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews
These unique shrimp are able to change colors; they will initially range from tan to dark brown, but once they become comfortable in their surroundings, they turn vibrant red or aqua blue! Also known as Singapore Flower Shrimp, Bamboo Shrimp are significantly larger than dwarf shrimp, growing to a maximum size of 3 to 3.5 inches. These shrimp do best in tanks with ample hiding places and can often be found hanging out toward the back of the aquarium or on top of the aquarium heater.These unique

Aquatic Arts 30 Live Zebra Nerite Snails | Algae Scrubber | Nano Aquarium Gravel Cleaner/Filter | Freshwater Invertebrate/Fish Tank Decorations
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: 812548035006, ean: 0812548035006,

4.6 out of 5 stars with 54 reviews
Zebra Nerite Snails have dual benefits — they add a burst of color to your aquarium décor andnaturally clean your house aquarium! These premium aquarium snails are known as the bestalgae eating snails in the aquarium hobby. They feature gorgeous patterns, making them bothstriking and useful aquarium decorations. Most Zebra Nerite Snails have shells with gold andblack zebra-like stripes. These snails reduce the need for aquarium cleaning tools (such as anaquarium rake or aquarium brushes) beca

Aquatic Arts 1 B-Grade Ghost Crayfish | Live Freshwater Aquarium Lobster/Crawfish/Crawdad/Real Living Fish Tank Pet
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: 812548035778, ean: 0812548035778,

4.4 out of 5 stars with 57 reviews
The Ghost Crayfish (a very rare color morph of Procambarus clarkii) is arguably the mostbeautiful freshwater crayfish available anywhere in the world! The buzz surrounding thiscrayfish is due to its incredible red, white, and blue coloration. We ship these out as 2+ inchyoung adults that already include those colors, but they may increase or brighten as thecrayfish matures.This crayfish will eat almost any meat or plant-based foods, and it often eats aquatic plants. Asit grows, the Ghost Crayfis

SoShrimp 10 Orange Rili Shrimp - Neocaridina davidi Live Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp - 1/4 to 1 inch Long
By SoShrimp
In Stock

ean: 0609053460849,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 25 reviews
Orange Rili shrimp, Neocaridina davidi var. Water Parameters: pH 6.5 - 7.5 gH 8 - 12 kH 0 - 5 TDS 250 - 300 Temperature 68 - 78F Difficulty: Easy Orange Rili shrimp should be kept in a well established shrimp only tank with plenty of biofilms for them to graze on. They can also tolerate a wide range of water parameters, as long as your tank is stable and free of ammonia and nitrite. Nitrate should be under 20ppm. Feed only 2-3 times a week, make sure to remove uneaten food after 2 hours. If y

Aquatic Arts 1 Male/Female Pair of Neon Red Crayfish/Freshwater Lobsters aka Orange/Tangerine Crayfish (2 to 3+ inch Young Adult!) - Stunning Red Variant of The Electric Blue Crayfish
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: NRC1MF, ean: 0688907065386,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 27 reviews
Included is one male and one female Neon Red Crayfish of the Procambarus Alleni variety. These are 2 to 3+ inch long young adults and may already be breeding age! These are very active crayfish that do not spend all of their time under rocks. They are well known for keeping tanks clean and free of waste, especially useful in large aquariums of 30 gallons or more. This particular variant features an incredible bright red and orange coloring that makes it stand out among all other aquarium inhabit

Aquatic Arts 5 Live Crystal Red Shrimp | Freshwater Caridina CRS/Cousin of Bee Shrimp (CBS + CRS) | Aquarium/Nano Fish Tank Algae Cleaner
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: 812548033330, ean: 0812548033330,

4.1 out of 5 stars with 42 reviews
Crystal Red Shrimp (Caridina cantonensis) are regarded far and wide as one of the mostbeautiful dwarf shrimp available. Their striking red and white coloration makes them stand outmagnificently against any aquarium backgrounds, substrate, or decorations. Until recently,these colorful shrimp have been very rare, and we are thrilled for the opportunity to offer themto our customers!This set includes A-S grade shrimp, meaning the intense coloration covers most or all of thebody. Higher grades of C

Resilia Plastic, Leak-Proof Shipping Bags for Live Fish and Koi - 15" x 24" 002 mil, Double Bottom Seal, for Freshwater & Saltwater Fish, Case of 500
By Resilia
In Stock

ean: 0851794007245,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 60 reviews
Secure, Leak-Proof Shipping Kolar Labs live fish shipping bags are super durable and made of extra tough polyethylene to help resist punctures and weathering. Double sealed for extra insurance, these clear bags are perfect for safely storing, displaying, protecting and transporting fish and other aquarium life.Kolar bags are an economical choice for all your aquarium needs. And since they're made with metallocene resin, they meet FDA criteria for contact with food, so they'll be safe for your fi

Brightwell Aquatics FlorinBase Laterin Substrat F, Fine Granular High Porosity Clay Base Substrate for use in Planted and Freshwater Shrimp biotope Aquaria, 25 Lbs
By Brightwell Aquatics
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mpn: FBSF25, ean: 0810086018819,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 24 reviews
''Florin Base Lateran Substrata-F'' is a Fine sized, High-Porosity, Kiln Fired, Clay Granular Substrate for Use in All Planted and Freshwater Shrimp Biotope Aquaria. It is an ideal medium for use under gravel or substrates in planted freshwater aquariums. Particularly when used with ''Florin Base Substrata-VF'' and ''Florin Base Laterite '', it will provide long-term nutrient availability with properties similar to hardened clay soils native to the environments where aquarium plants were origina

Aquatic Arts 1 Female White Specter | Live Freshwater Aquarium Lobster / Crawfish / Crawdad / Real Living Fish Tank Pet
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: 812548035891, ean: 0688907065355,

4.3 out of 5 stars with 54 reviews
The White Specter Crayfish is a beautiful white variant of the Electric Blue Crayfish species(Procambarus alleni). You may want to use fish tank gloves when handling this animal orcleaning the tank.Though most crayfish are reclusive by nature, this particular crayfish is very active and spendsplenty of time exploring the aquarium floor and feeding on whatever it can find. They will eatmost any meaty or plant-based foods, and they may also eat live plants. These crayfish are fullyaquatic, so they

Brightwell Aquatics Blackwater Clear, Provides humic substances for All Shrimp & Freshwater Fish Planted biotope Aquaria with Much Less Color, 2 Liter
By Brightwell Aquatics
In Stock

mpn: SBWC2L, ean: 0096647000152,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 35 reviews
Blackwater Clear provides humic substances for all shrimp & freshwater fish planted biotope aquaria with much less color.Shrimp safe and copper free.. Establishes similar water conditions to those found in Blackwater rivers, many of which are home to important aquarium shrimp, fishes and plants without heavy darkening of the water.. Detoxifies copper and heavy metals.. May be used to help simulate the onset of the rainy season for encouragement of spawning.. Provides humic substances (humic and

Purit, Next-Generation Chemical Filtration Media for Use in All Marine & Freshwater Aquaria, 1 Liter
By Brightwell Aquatics
In Stock

mpn: PURI1L, ean: 0810086015276,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 46 reviews
Next-generation chemical filtration media for use in all marine and freshwater aquariaNext-generation combination of enhanced activated carbon (offering superior chemical filtration characteristics to traditional activated carbon) and nsf-grade Ion-Exchange and adsorptive resins to enhance removal of impurities such as chloramines, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, heavy metals, and dissolved organic material from water.. Facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions, enhancin

Aquatic Arts 5 Live Crystal Black Shrimp | Freshwater Caridina CRS/Cousin of Bee Shrimp (CBS + CRS) | Aquarium/Nano Fish Tank Algae Cleaner
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: 812548033286, ean: 0812548033286,

4.9 out of 5 stars with 19 reviews
Explore the wonders of owning dwarf shrimp with Crystal Black Shrimp (Caridina cantonensis)!These are widely regarded as one of the most beautiful dwarf shrimp types available. They arenotorious for their striking black and white coloration that makes them stand out magnificentlyagainst any aquarium backgrounds, decorations, or substrate. They are especially well-suitedfor a small rimless aquarium. Until recently, these colorful shrimp have been rare and difficultfor aquarists to find, so we ar

Priadi Sanjaya New 20 Live Freshwater Clam Pond Aquarium Filter Feeder Water Clarifier Captive Bred
By Priadi Sanjaya
In Stock

ean: 7444351138136,

4.4 out of 5 stars with 58 reviews
nullFlow Rate: Up to 1 liter per hour. Water Type: Fresh. I like to use these clams in my ponds and especially aquariums to help filter the water. They are very efficient water cleaners, almost to the point of needing supplementation on food because they filter quickly. They are a live bearing type of clam so your prized fish will be gill free of any parasitic larvae that other types of clams release into the water column..

BioCube Coralife Size 32 LED Aquarium Basic Freshwater Planted Tank Bundle
By BioCube
In Stock

ean: 0680193737541,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 46 reviews
This FRESHWATER BioCube package includes the Coralife Size 32 LED BioCube Aquarium, the Coralife New Style BioCube Size 29 & 32 Aquarium Stand, ista Disposable CO2 Diffuser Set, Seachem Flourish, 250 ml, Seachem Flourite Black Gravel, 15.4 lb, Coralife BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnet and Inland Seas 3 oz Activated Carbon. The included Stand is the NEW AND IMPROVED BIOCUBE STAND. This NEW & IMPROVED VERSION features a solid back panel for added stability. No glue is required. This package is great

Aquatic Arts 10 Live Gold Mystery Snails | Freshwater Aquarium Algae Remover | Safe in Tetra/Guppy/Betta Fish Tanks | Clean Undergravel Substrate
By Aquatic Arts
In Stock

mpn: 812548033842, ean: 0812548033842,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 21 reviews
Our Golden Mystery Snails have dual benefits — they add a burst of color to your aquarium and also act as fish tank cleaners! They feed on uneaten fish food and other waste, plus they clean algae off glass or acrylic aquariums, aquatic plants, and decorations. They also eat hair algae and filter tank substrate to keep it the correct color. These peaceful snails grow large as adults, growing up to 3 inches in diameter, and are safe with any nonaggressive fish (such as Galaxy Rasbora), dwarf or

Aquarium Creation 10 Red Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina davidi Live Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp
By Aquarium Creation
In Stock

ean: 3804918199644,

4.9 out of 5 stars with 58 reviews
10 Red Cherry Shrimp These are our home bred shrimp, solid looking colors and healthy. Red Cherry are some of the most popular freshwater shrimp due to their wonderful red color and overall ease of care. Their hardiness makes them an ideal freshwater shrimp for new to veteran shrimp keepers. Red Cherry shrimp like to live in tanks with live aquatic plants (java moss, bucephalandra, anubias, stem plants, mosses). This is because freshwater shrimp love to graze on the plants for algae, and the pla

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