Explained: Dog Collar Gentle Leaders

A Gentle Leader is an item that fits in the leash, harness, and head collar categories. People sometimes use it as a training tool or a restraining device. How this collar works is it helps the owner to control their dog in a way that the dog will better understand. It goes around the neck and there is a loop for the muzzle of the dog as well. When slight pressure is applied to the loop, your dog will understand that you are the "leader of the pack" and not them. This all follows their natural patterns to communicate with other dogs, in order to distinguish their hierarchy. The main purpose for using a Gentle Leader is for walking your dog. They can be used to train puppies, or to correct behaviors such as pulling on the leash. It may not work one hundred percent of the time, but most people who use them with their dogs definitely notice an improvement. For those of you who may weighing your options when it comes to these devices, there are plenty of pros and cons. As far as pros go, one of the biggest is that you can entirely control your dog on walks. For anyone who owns a large dog, this means no more getting walked by your dog! Another advantage is that these nifty items are also very affordable. They adjust to fit to your dog, and they are much safer to use than choke collars or possibly less humane products. The cons of using a Gentle Leader differ depending on a personal perspective. Some people believe that it is uncomfortable for the dog to wear. This depends highly on the type and size you use for your dog. If it is the wrong size it can become an issue. A clear disadvantage of this harness is for the people who buy this it and do not use it properly. If you allow your dog to get to the end of the leash, their head will whip around and it could cause a head or neck injury. This can all be avoided by making sure you know how to use it beforehand. Another minor negative is that some people don't know what it is and think you've muzzled your dog because he bites. When you run into this situation, you'll just have to explain what you're using and how it works. It is ultimately up to each individual to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of using a leader. Although all dogs have their own different and unique personalities, they all share the same types of natural instincts. This head collar is made specifically to help owners control their dogs while walking, all by using the dogs natural instinct to lead or be led. As with all new items for your dog, make sure you introduce the Gentle Leader to them and allow them to get comfortable with it before taking them on a long walk. This will ensure they create a positive association with it, which will make it easier for both you and your dog.


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